New Rules require new Solutions!

With the new rules of today the process of picking the right car for the company and the employers as drivers is more complex.

This, combined with the recurrent progress of technology with plug-in hybrids and electric cars, makes the decision-taking an even greater task.

We can see a great demand for guidance and support and therefore we started GMR Fleet Partner. As your partner, we want to give you a tool guiding you to make the right decisions and handle company car management as efficient as possible.

We, the founders of GMR Fleet Partner, possess unique knowledge about the car leasing business. We are Ronny Svensson, Gunnar Kjellman, and Martin Runesson and we are well experienced with car leasing, funding of cars and IT. We offer you our assembled knowledge with which we now have created efficient services made to ease your work.

Now we launch where you and your coworkers have access to our portal that supports you in making recurrent orders of the right cars according to your strategy using a minimal amount of administration.
Contact us and we will show you how it works.

Gunnar, Martin, Ronny

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Get in Charge of Choice and Purchase of Your Car

With our all around solution you are assured to always be in control of purchases and orders of your cars.

Your car policy online gives your employees all the information they need when picking out a car of their choice. gives you the ability to compare different makes and models and their costs with all necessary parameters – at the same time as the company can see the expected cost of the cars over time.

You, the one in charge of approving purchases and orders, get control of what is approved. Everything is saved and available for you to assure what is ordered by whom. Everything is saved and available for you to assure what is ordered by whom. also lets you buy cars and compare prices and offers from both car dealers and finance corporations or your own preferences.

When the car is delivered you will be informed about this and the current beneficial value right away. You are also entitled to book transportation of your former car to simplify the transition.


Our all-around solution for your vehicles will get you the control you need, with minimal administration.

Digital Car Policy

With this total solution you will be able to keep track of your vehicles with a minimal amount of administration.

In your employees have access to all approved cars that are included in your policy, and will be able to compare cars online. In Bilväljaren you are able to see how much you save on one car compared to another in monthly net cost.


When the driver finishes his or her car, the car is sent for approval by the manager to conform to your wishes. You get an overview of the cars approved to order and will be able to detect if something has gone missing in the process.

Car Purchase & Leasing

When you are satisfied with the car of your choice, you can buy the car and arrange the car payment in line with your wishes, and to compare offers before you order.

Traceability & Environment

You have access to all data about your ordered to easily be able to follow trends within environmentally classified cars, prize developments, cost improvements etc.

Analysis & Advise

We will, together with you, make rapports and analyze your purchases, to make improvements and help you reach your goals within e.g. TCO or CO2.

Let us Optimize your Car Ownership

Simply put, we want to help you choose the right vehicle based on your preferences for the future in an efficient way.

How does it work?

Managing Leasing Cars has never been Easier

No juggle, we give you a tool to make easier purchases.